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What is “good” and what is “bad”?

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My name is
Evgeni Dyakonov. I am a freelance journalist from Uzbekistan, I was granted political asylum in Norway, because in my homeland the President of Uzbekistan made ​​me a death sentence after opposition and journalistic activities. Now I feel every day on a "care" National Security Service of Uzbekistan (this is ex-KGB).

My ethnicity background - a German, my ancestors, Volga Germans, trapped under the Stalinist repression and deported to Uzbekistan in 1937. I am the grandson of "people’s enemies", but much to my shame I do not speak the mother tongue German.
In Europe, such as I mistakenly referred to as "Russian."

German policy toward the ruling regimes of CIS - this political madness, sharing the dictators in the "bad" and "good" Germans are just moving away from European standards of human rights.

            I have met with great enthusiasm, the news that the EU acted as a united front against Minsk, Europe pressed the Belarusian dictator, but I am sad by the fact that the EU takes care of another dictator, bloodier and more odious, such as Islam Karimov - the president of Uzbekistan.

            German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, 28 February 2012, speaking with a sharp criticism of Alexander Lukashenko, undoubtedly contributed to the development of human rights, but says nothing about other dictators, but it is clearly disingenuous half-truths or says.

Exactly one week later on 7 and 8 March 2012, at a meeting with his counterparts from Central Asia, Guido Westerwelle has publicly called for further cooperation with Uzbekistan, highlighting the multi-million dollar sums on dubious projects, and once again, spitting and trampling on the ground all the achievements of the human rights in Europe.

Germany actively cooperates with Uzbekistan, which is ruled by a cruel dictator, Islam Karimov, who is many times worse than Lukashenko, and Germany for over 20 years covering Islam Karimov and does not move the statement of opposition and human rights activists about the horrific human rights violations in that country.

Thus Germany, one-hand slapping cuffs, of Alexander Lukashenko, the other hand - they pat on the head of Islam Karimov, which makes it not very respectable leader of the European Union's foreign policy. A similar positions throughout Europe, Lukashenko - it's a bad dictator, but Karimov - a good dictator. Why not?

The answer is very simple, Islam Karimov, a partner of NATO in Afghanistan and deploying its military bases, Uzbekistan contributes to smuggle Afghan heroin into Europe. And this is a lot of money. The agreement between Uzbekistan and Germany was something like this: - "We give you a military presence, and you're not poking his nose into our internal affairs"

            Europe exchanged military presence to the human rights. A similar mistake in the beginning of the 2000s did the USA, as they had much to regret. This interpretation is unacceptable and shameful! For example, if tomorrow Lukashenko, will turn away from Russia, to ask NATO membership will place missiles on Belarusian territory, his immediately becomes a "good" dictator, who would be "only minor violations of human rights" and Europe immediately deaf  and blind to the complaints of the Belarusian opposition.

            Germany actively supports in Uzbekistan, only a pro-government human rights organizations, which distort the real situation of human rights, and German foundations and representative offices of humanitarian organizations - accredited in Tashkent, the "merge" in the Uzbek National Security Service (ex-KGB) opposition and discontent, and all those who was stupid enough to ask them for help. Reports of pro-government organizations using official Berlin as a basis and gives them the truth in the international arena, alternative information from the opposition or critical material about the horrors of modern Uzbekistan, sent to the trash.

In analyzing the facts and the promotion of Germany in the field of human rights, it is possible to characterize them as a step forward and two steps back.

Full mistress of Uzbekistan, Gulnara Karimova, the elder daughter of Uzbek dictator, the most likely candidate for president of Uzbekistan, at the present time it is taken in Europe as the most expensive guest, and many popular personality at all proud of his friendship with the Uzbek princess.

However, if the whole civilized world has decided, that such dictatorships and most countries have turned away from them, why some well-known personality not only in contact with the bloody regimes, but also flirting with them and everything else offered to do the same? Earlier, in his article "Who helps a bloody dictator", I expounded in detail, his thoughts about it.

Events in Uzbekistan - it is heartbreaking and outrageous crime, inferior perhaps only the atrocities of the Nazis during the Second World War, but the leaders of the European Union and pretend that nothing is happening, in fact, they protect a murderous dictator and did not give any critical information to surface about the Uzbekistan. When I see the ease with which governments of leading countries with the compliments "Uzbek Hitler," I feel at ease, from sorrow and rage. Based on historical facts the last 20 years, I can prove that in Central Asia, there are crimes against humanity, respectively, Germany, France, Israel and the U.S. are complicit in these crimes.

Let me remind you that Islam Karimov is one of the twenty most notorious dictators of the World, according to organizations such as Freedom House, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. How relevant is the ethics of the European Union, Germany, strange games with Islam Karimov? Is it acceptable to think that Europe could take Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong-Il? I agree, they are no longer alive, but President Islam Karimov in the same list with them!

Why EU leaders not to stand united against Islam Karimov, as they rallied against Lukashenko?

Does the proponent of sanctions against Lukashenko and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Guido Westerwelle, who did not hide his not traditional his sexual orientation, that Uzbekistan, for gays, lesbians and bisexuals, except for acts of torture and targeting criminal penalties involving long prison term. In the future, they will be extrajudicial execution, disguised as a suicide, after which the bodies are cremated and the ashes flushed down the toilet. Especially since I have a concern that the German ministers quietly compliments to those who are killing people.

            The population of Uzbekistan, more than 30 million people and today it is known that more than eight million Uzbek people, forced to leave their homelands in search of a better life and fleeing political repression, but the real figure nobody knows!

What are fraught with flirting with the dictator in Uzbekistan? In the east, has always had big family, and every Muslim has to a more than 1,000 relatives, thus destroying one enemy, the ruling regime, gets in his place a few dozen new, angry fighters for freedom, ready to go to the end, because they had sworn to graves to avenge the death of loved ones. Revenge of supporters and relatives of the repressed regime, becomes the object of attention of preachers of terrorism, but because it is not uncommon for relatives of victims of repression, leaving the ranks of the mujahedeen.

The most striking example is very similar to the Uzbek scenario we can see in the North Caucasus, where more and more attacks against Russian federal forces carried out suicide bombers - the widow, the once well-known field commanders. This is the result of repressive policies revenge becomes a tool of influence.

Uzbekistan - the police state where prohibited by the opposition, no freedom of speech, are in full swing political repression, institutionalized torture, concentration camps are resuscitated, introduced punitive psychiatry, used slave labor of children. Germany covering Islam Karimov, the hands of extremist recruits young people in the organization, so at least cause confusion with slogans calling for the fight against international terrorism, and democratization.

Islam Karimov and his associates write a new history of the Central Asian Holocaust, and in Europe flatly refuse to see and hear the facts are obvious crimes against humanity in the region.

The World shuddered when he heard about the crimes of the Stalinist regime, or the atrocities of the Nazis, but why the world is silent now, when crimes are committed not less dreadful than 60 years ago? The current regime in Uzbekistan, it is a dangerous mix of Stalinism and fascism, using Gestapo methods of torture and the Inquisition. Now in Uzbekistan is almost officially in the "witch hunt", but in contrast to the Middle Ages, jailed and tortured, and sometimes even killed, just because you think differently. As the accusations, the man tossed drugs in his pocket, and then the process is rolled, torture, humiliation and blackmail. Europe is shamefully silent, knowing of such heinous crimes against humanity, looking to the U.S. and the leader of the European Union, Germany - covers every possible way, Islam Karimov. I'm scared of it, but most of all, I am afraid of the consequences of these political games, thousands of lives ruined, and Europe is flirting with those whose hands are stained with blood.

That's just one example, a frequent visitor to Germany, the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, General Zokir Almatov, and May 13, 2005 who gave the order to be shot an unarmed crowd in Andijan. By all measures, he falls under the action of the International Tribunal for the mass murder of people as a war criminal, but he freely travels in Europe, is treated in Germany, and has bank accounts in Switzerland, the rest in resorts of France and Italy. Will Zokir Almatov recognized war criminal, or again we will hear a "strategic partnership for peace"? The question remains open.

In 1997 - 98 years I have been in prison for political opponents and was the subject of torture in Uzbekistan, and the consequences of torture on my body are still visible, I want to talk about this and your help to tell the world the truth about Uzbekistan. In prison for political opposition in Uzbekistan is a common practice, torture, rape and extrajudicial executions, but not all people can go from there. This is a nightmare I had written a book that, unfortunately, I cannot yet be published in Norway.

The first book, "Zona.uz" of torture and prisons in Uzbekistan in the style of Solzhenitsyn's original in Russian. You can see this online version. There is the audio version. Many people say that this book was not yet in history.
In his time, mankind has ignored the facts because of which started two world wars, there are all prerequisites to the fact that Central Asia could become the scene of a regional conflict that threatens to move to the Third World War.
I'm working with an international tribunal against the President of Uzbekistan http://uzbek-people.narod.ru/  is bloody dictator, but unfortunately he soon will arrive in Europe.

Sincerely, Evgeni Dyakonov, Norway Oslo, March 9, 2012

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